Friday, October 1, 2010

Awakened Horsemanship – Are you Ready?

Are we ready to wake up? And are we ready to allow our horses to wake up? A few have started the journey to full aliveness, awareness of all that we can be. The horses are ready and willing to lead the way….to take us on our true soulful journey. They have agreed to join us and help us see the BIG picture. We were told that they can see visually nearly 360 degrees, but who knew that they can see our journey and where we need to be. They are happy to be the catalyst to push us along, sometimes head first into what we need to experience.

Most of us do not choose the awakening. It comes along most unexpectedly, usually in the form of a health issue, sometimes ours, sometimes theirs or both. Why does it seem to take a near death experience for us to decide that we really do want to live? Want to live with a bigger purpose, a bigger view of life, to be a bigger you.

The horses will prod us to quit living with busyness. Quit making life about accomplishments, trophies on the wall, a bigger salary, more stuff. They do not have a lot of time for that. If we show up at our barn with those kinds of ego thoughts running through our heads we will see them turn away, perhaps not be caught today or not be willing to come in with us. They can read that messiness - see that messiness stuck to our body in all kinds of places from across the pasture. The kinder steeds will perhaps try to help release some of that, taking some of it on themselves even though it can create their own physical problems. The ones who know we know better will be more out right and demand that we clean our selves up more before coming into their presence. They know we can not progress down this exciting road if we are still knee deep in the old ruts of our lives.

So let’s not wait for the buck off, the colic surgery, the nervous breakdowns, the illness; can we just decide that we want to go forward into new places, using new tools? Open to exploring new energy because we know we are ready and waiting to become all we were meant to be. Can we just show up out in the pasture with open heart energy, ready to receive the lesson of the day….yeah receive….the horses are our teachers. They want to lead us for a change. Can we be grounded, and clear, with no agenda and open and present, being entirely in the moment, joining our breath with theirs? Maybe all we have to do is choose….let’s make a conscious chose, and get ready for change.

If you have had an experience with your horse or in your life that has invited in a new way of being for you as a person or as a rider, we would love you to share it with us in the comments.

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  1. I whole heartedly agree!
    Teaching us to live in the moment and to be present is what my mare teaches me often...she dislikes my agenda..and if I am in hurry mode, I'm in for a surprise.
    You gave me a good time she walks away, Im getting my book out and sitting down and reading it..because I am right where I want to be...looking at her watching her, checking in on her. She will be where she wishes to be too...maybe, I'll get to brush her,and smell her sweet horse breath, if she comes back!